What we do

We are here to support in understanding more about your mental health and wellbeing, empowering you to make any changes you want or need to make.

Through a variety of confidential services, we aim to help you gain clarity, increase confidence and identify changes you may wish to make.

Addiction Counselling

Through early intervention and education, we aim to facilitate awareness in clients, allowing them to make better-informed choices, and learn new ways of managing current difficulties and concerns.

General Counselling

For anyone concerned about their mental and emotional wellbeing covering a range of issues such as: abuse; anxiety; bereavement; isolation; loneliness; self-esteem; stress; and work, family and relationship worries. (Many of which often underpin addictive processes).

Carers' Support

We aim to help you understand more about addiction, empowering you to make changes you want or need to make. If you have someone in your life experiencing addiction issues, you may find that caring for them can be confusing, frustrating and sometimes lonely.

Our Carers' Service (including a Carers' Group Programme) provides confidential advice, education, information and one to one counselling, enabling you to manage better these difficult and challenging experiences.

You can attend both counselling and the Carers Group Programme. Your options will be discussed with you at your assessment appointment. If you agree to attend counselling and/or the group you need to be able to commit to attending these weekly.

Carers' Group

Our 8-week group programme is an in-house programme, which has been especially designed to cover a range of topics/common themes carers/affected others/family members struggle with on a day to day basis. The programme is facilitated by two ASCA therapists and is run 3-4 times a year.

Each weekly group is 90 minutes, with a maximum of five participants. 

The group is for those affected someone else’s addiction and focuses on:

  • Understanding addiction, information and education
  • Living with someone with addiction issues and how this impacts on you
  • Practical support/strategies
  • Setting boundaries and keeping them and creating a place where your wellbeing becomes the priority

You will be invited in for an assessment appointment before attending the programme.

Please check our website or call the office for further information and dates

The path to recovery can be enhanced with complementary therapies which offer life enhancing techniques in relaxation, meditation and creative expression.

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