ASCA takes privacy very seriously

In line with the the Data Protection Act and the GDPR (General Data Protection Principles), this is our Privacy Policy for the Internet and we also have a Privacy Policy for beneficiaries.

The Privacy Policy for the Internet details what we do with any data that is accessed by using our website.

The Privacy Policy for Beneficiaries details what happens to the data we collect and store when you use our services, how long we keep it for and what your rights are as an individual. 

The main points of the policy are:

  • what data we collect (we collect data such as your name, address, phone number, age and details about issues your are requesting support for)
  • where we store it (we store data either in lockable drawers/ cupboards in the office) 
  • why we collect it (we collect data to provide beneficiaries with support, advice and information); some of this is collected on a lawful basis, some for legitimate business reasons)
  • when we might share data (to refer you to another service or get additional support for you; this will always be discussed with you and consent will be sought first)
  • how long we keep it for (we keep data for different periods, depending in the law, terms and conditions of grant agreements or contracts and how long you receive a service from us)
  • your rights (you can amend your data, have it deleted, have it transferred, limit what is recorded and/ or shared, and have access to your data.

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