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ASCA is an established charity providing confidential support for people aged 18 and above, offering assessment, advice and information, counselling and support services. ASCA offers the following:

Alcohol and Drug Counselling
Through early intervention and education, we aim to facilitate awareness in clients, allowing them to make better-informed choices, and learn new ways of managing current difficulties and concerns.

General Counselling
For anyone concerned about their mental and emotional wellbeing covering a range of issues such as: abuse; anxiety; bereavement; isolation; loneliness; self-esteem; stress; and work, family and relationship worries. (Many of which often underpin addictive processes.)

ASCA’s Carers’ Service (including a carers’ group programme)
Offering information, education, guidance and counselling, enabling carers to better manage what can often feel like difficult and challenging experiences.

Carers Group Programme
The next 8 week group programme is starting on WEDNESDAY 10TH APRIL 2024 - 5TH JUNE 2024 12-1.30PM. Places are limited to 4-6 per programme. Please call the office for further information 020 8940 1160

NEW GROUP FOR CARERS - 6 WEEK CREATIVE EXPRESSION PROGRAMME MONDAY 15TH APRIL 2024-3RD JUNE 2024 4-5.30PM. Please call the office for further information 020 8940 1160

We have small, dedicated team at Asca including our CEO, Counselling Services Manager, Operations Manager and Carers Group Therapist.

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